Donald Charles Gwartney

My Great Grandpa

When He Was Born And some of the Events

Donald Charles Gwartney was born May 30 1922. some of the events that happened during the time he was born were women get the right to vote and there is to much cotton so the prices collapse.


I do not know much about his childhood but I know he had a mule that his friends called Pete and somehow he got that nickname. His family was poor and his mom left because his dad was an alcoholic. His childhood must of been hard especially since part of his childhood was during the great depression.

Getting married and going into the military

He got married in the year 1942 to Mary Herkin. They are still alive together and have been married for 74 years. He joined the military on October 30 1942. The branch he was in was the air corps.He was a mechanic that worked on the airplanes. His rank in the military was private. Those things were a few things about him in the military.

After World War II

After World War II he left the military and didn't join again. Some of his jobs were he was a mailman another job he had was he drove trucks that had gas in them. During World War II a gallon of gas only cost a quarter. I don't know much else about what other jobs he had.
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Events during his lifetime

He has been through two wars the great depression and a bunch of events. Some other events during his life were the first people to be on the moon. He has been through a lot. Even though he had been through a lot he is still alive today. He is still healthy and he is almost a hundred years old!