Acid Rain and How To Fight It

By David Arriaga

What Causes Acid Rain

Acid Rain results form invisible particles that are produced by burning fossil fuels. Coal burning plants and factories plus gasoline burning cars all contribute this. Combine that with water vapor in the air and we have Acid Rain

Impact On The Ecosystems

Acid rain can make lakes and rivers uninhabitable for fishes and many fishes die because of acid rain. It sometimes kills other types of plants so this will affect the plant eaters.

How Do We Deal With Acid Rain

We need three things energy conservation, transportation, alternative fuels. With energy conservation like turn off the lights when you are not in the room or use air conditioning only when you really need it. Since cars are a major contributor to acid rain we need to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels by using public, carpools, bikes and even your feet. Or maybe just find a new renewable energy sources of energy like wind or sunlight.

Why We Dont Stop It?

Well some people believe that Global Warming is fake and we don't have a lot of motivation. We see a oil spill and we say "huh so sad" and we keep living. People do not know the consequences of Global Warming and sometimes is inconvenient for us to walk. If we switch to electric car to save our energy electric car can only go so far before the

battery runs out. Wind sounds like a good idea but is it always windy same with sunlight is sunlight always there? no sometimes we have cloudy days.

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HowStuffWorks Videos Energy Acid Rain


This videos is about Acid rain and the effects. This video shows how the acidity of the rain can burn through statues and kill many fishes. Since rain falls and create water and the water creates more rain if we pump up more gas in the air we are going to cause more acid rain and think what that would happen. Acid rain also affects the plants in the area. If we lose those plants we lose the animals and if we don't have those animals we don't have enough to feed ourselves.

Article Summary

This article is about acid rain and what they effects are. This article helped me by telling me what Acid rain is and the damages. For example acid rain takes away minerals from the soil that is essential to the plants and the plants dry up. Even though as the name says acid rain does not burn through the skin it affects our lungs.