Stolen Children

Peg Kehret


Stolen Children (a fiction book) is by Peg Kehret who also wrote Abduction, The Ghost Grave, and Earthquake Terror. Peg Kehret was born in Wisconsin on November 11 1936 and is currently living in Washington.
Stolen Children is about 14 year old Amy who just lost her dad, is babysitting little 3 year old Kendra and her stuffed cat Tubby. Meanwhile both girls were stolen and brought to a cabin in the middle of nowhere! But Amy sends some secret clues to her best friend Jorja back at home. Will Jorja figure out the clues or is it bye-bye Amy and Kendra forever? Read Stolen Children to find out if Amy and Kendra escaped that dreadful place or never be seen again.
I really like this book because you can never put the book down because it has great description and interesting mysteries. But I would change the ending to where Hugh or Smoky (the kidnappers) hire 2 other guys to kidnap Jorja and another 3 year old she is babysitting and bring her to a different place and Amy and Kendra have to figure out the clues. I have a connection to this because a girl named Halee got kinapped to. I would recomend this book to 4th-9th graders because they can handle the intense parts like guns without getting scared.