Jews are followers

The life in Judaism

Jews are what the followers of Judaism are called. Their holy days are Yom kipper where they where white and try to be like angles they also fast during this time which means to not eat or drink. their prayers are held in a church where the rabi (worship leader) leads them during this. In Judaism their are three sects they are orthodox , and reform , and also conservation. They also have a holiday called Rashason where they celebrate the day their holy book the TeNaKh was written and also it is their new year. They blow a horn during this day. Their holy city Jerusilim is the holy sites for all three religons where Abraham was born. they are also still at a war with the over their home land Isreal.

They celabrate hanaka


the holy city of all religious islam judasim and chistiantity and where abrham was born and

They can Speak a difrent langue called hebrew

Jewish Music
Avanscena - Jewish Dance