A Christmas Carol Background

Alyssa Allen

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens wrote very many books and the one that we are doing is on a Christmas carol. He wrote it to show how or what he saw when it was Christmas. He try to tell you through out the story about a generous soul or someone that has a kind heart but in the beginning of the story scrooge isn't very kind hearted. He also what us to see how he embodiment the story or how he made it come to life. he wanted it to be perfect and grand. He wanted it to seem as if you were in the Victorian era.

Charles Dickens put a lot of people that influenced what he wrote. Like in some of his books its a girl he feel in love with. Or his step wife died sister. But in a Christmas Carol he but himself in. He put some of himself in Scrooge. He never really loved his child hood and never talked about it much. When he was young his father was in det. He went to prison and Charles had to work to pay the det off but his parents never got him out of there and so he got himself out. He wanted to become a writer and so he did. I think he wrote this story because so he could get the angry he had inside of him for so long he just had to let it out in his own way.

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When the industrialization come Queen Victoria was the queen. The industrialization was when England was very interested in science and engineering. They had factories and there was a big population problem. And people were rich or poor.
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Victoria Era

After her brother died Queen Victoria become the ruler of England. Her era was when the industrial revolution come and if there were no her there properly be no high equipment these days. It grow so fast because people just kept on going and going. rich had plantations every where and factories to. There were so many people. Queen Victoria ruled so much she had almost all of the population at one time. For what I know about her she seems she ruled it quite nicely.
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Child labor and Proverty

Since there was the Industrial revolution child labor was used to help their families get out of debt. This was a very poor time in history. Children had to work in the tights places because the adults couldn't fit in the places. And the poverty was bad because people did not get pay that much. The workforce was 1/4 of children at this time. This had the biggest impact on England and the US.

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