Toxoplasma gondii


Some of the sources of toxoplasma gondii are:

  • Eating undercooked, contaminated meat, especially pork, lamb, and venison
  • Accidentally indgesting undercooked contaminated meat after handling it and not washing your hands thoroughly,
  • Eating food that was contaminated by knives, utensils, cutting boards, and other foods that have made contact with raw, contaminated meat.


Most people who are infected with toxoplasma gondii are not even aware of it.

Some people who are infected may have flu-like symptoms with swollen lymph glands or muscle aches and pains that can last for more than a month.

Other symptoms may include reduced vision, blurred vision, pain when looking at bright lights, redness of thee eyes, and sometimes tearing of the eyes.


Treatments may include medications provided by your doctor but only if it is necessary because symptoms usually only last a few weeks to a month.

For a healthy person who is not pregnant, medication is not necessary, but a pregnant woman or someone with a weak immune system may need medication to treat their symptoms.

Long Term Effects:

It is possible that the effects of toxoplama gondii may stay even after the parasite has been cleared from your body.


Some ways to prevent toxoplasmosis are to:

  • Cooking and storing meat at the correct temperatures
  • Wash hands thoroughly
  • Keep food pep areas as clean as possible