Thursday, November 13, 2014

Smithsonian Tweentribune (K-12)

This site in an interactive news blog where students read articles and blog their comments which are then shared with other students around the world. Teachers sign up and provide students with site user names. Teachers are also able to monitor comments before they are printed.
Besides daily current events, students can read articles about animals, movies, food, technology, etc.
K-4 Link:
5-8 Link:
9-12 Link:

Dogo News (2-6)

This site has news feature articles aligned to the Common Core. Critical thinking questions, quiz, and short video(s) accompanying the story.


News-O-Matic (2-8)

This site not only has interesting, relelvant stories for kids, but it gives a Common Core connection to a standard. Everyday, there are five news story from which you can choose. Questions and reading lexile levels are given for each.

Al Jazeera (9-12)

TV news channel, Al Jazeera, was launched in 1996 in Qatar. Today, Al Jazeera is "playing in the same league as the BBC and CNN." It is owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network, which is funded by the House of Thani, the ruling family of Qatar, but the channel claims it is independent of the state government. The slant is said to be have a liberal Arab nationalist point of view and a moderate Islamist perspectives. It has been "accused" of being pro- American.
Below are three infographics about the Middle East:

PBS Newshour Daily (7-12)

Daily Videos Video blogs provide engaging video clips from the PBS NewsHour with accompanying summaries and engaging questions.
Besides daily videos, full lesson plans are available for news that are longer and provide a complete start-to-finish package. That includes multi-media resources, an aggregated collection of lesson materials and alignment to Common Core standards.

Channel One (7-12)

Channel One News has been around for awhile, but students still love it! Broadcasters are teenagers and they cover a wide range of topics from daily events to feature stories of interest to middle school and high school students.
If a teacher signs up for the newsletter, one will be sent that contains the transcript of the program and discussion questions.

CNN News (7-12)

Everyday CNN posts a short (5-10 minutes) video about a news event. Teachers can read the transcript before using the videos in class.