Autobiography Assignment Final Exam

Joni Lunki

Title Page

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I chose the word friends because all my friends back in Finland meant allot to me. On August 29 about 30 friends of mine surprised me in the airport. It was the hardest day of my life to see everyone because they knew they would lose me and I knew I would lose them. I remember all the hugs with my friends and all the pictures. I remember all the gifts and all the words they said to me. They wrote quotes for me and told me how they really felt. In the end it was so difficult to give the last hugs and saying my final words face to face. The moment I started walking away made me understand how much friends really meant to me. Now I am living in the other side of the world and everyday I just think about all my friends and how they feel. It is hard to communicate because Finland is eight hours ahead so when I get home from school then almost everyone is sleeping.

What's in a Name?

I think my name Joni is perfect for me because I could not even imagine myself with a different name. My mother chose it for me because it is close to my grandmothers name and it is a nice name compared to most of the others. In Finland names are mostly coming from a calendar. That is why every finnish name celebrates nameday once a year. My middle name Heikki comes from my grandfather. My dad and my oldest brother are named with the same middle name. In Finland Heikki is a common name. My last name Lunki comes from a Swedish word lung that means relaxed. So in finnish Lunki means calm and relaxed. So thats my name name and that defines my personality and me.

Color Your World

Blue is the coolest color. It is the color of the sky, ocean, sleep and twilight. A pure blue is the color of inspiration and spirituality. Blue is often the chosen color for conservative people. Blue is a calming color. Dark blue is the color for truth and moderation.

Picture This

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Teemu Selanne, Sochi 2014.

I remember this tournament. This hockey player is my role model. I’ve always been a huge fan of Teemu. I’ve met him several times back in Finland and had a great time with him. Someday I could be as successful as Teemu because he has been living a dream. I have watched all the highlights of this player. I never get bored watching them because his skill is something I just can’t put in words. Teemu has won so much but the biggest win was the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup is every hockey player’s dream. Teemu’s dream came true. I’m sure a bunch of his dreams came true during his career in the National Hockey League. Now Teemu is just living his own life with his family.

Sensory Experiences

I can taste the fresh air floating around the beautiful world. I can touch the amazing nature around this wonderful place. I can smell the tasty food my lovely mom is making. I can see the colorful fireworks exploding next to the shiny stars. I can hear my annoying clock waking me up for this awesome day.


Poem of Apollo 13

Trying to shoot for the moon with low fuel. Got stuck on mars and we were lost without a clue. Not knowing what to do the crue panicked with fright, but we made it through the darkness, back into the light. Now we are back on earth, safely and happy.

Look Who I Look Up To

Teemu Selanne

I look up to Teemu Selanne because he is one of the most legendary Finnish hockey player alive. He is my hockey role model. He has achieved so much. His dreams have came true. He won the Stanley cup. Teemu’s life is amazing and that kind of a life is my dream.

Jari Kurri

I look up to Jari Kurri because he is also one of Finland’s hockey legends alive. Jari Kurri has broke plenty of records and been a champion. He is an excellent player that I love to watch play. I’ve been with Jari during our tournament. He is a great guy on ice and off ice just like every hockey player should be.

Esa Tikkanen

I look up to Esa Tikkanen because he set the world record on scoring two shorthanded goals in twelve seconds. He wasn’t as successful as Teemu or Jari but the way he played the sport was nice to watch. His motivation was 100% every time he stepped on the ice just like Jari and Teemu. Esa wasn’t as skilled as everyone else but he had a rocket shot.

These Words Belong To Me


This word belongs to me because family is number one. Nothing goes before family.


This one word defines what I want to do when I grow up. Since I was a baby I’ve always wanted to be a professional hockey player and be a really good one.


This word is what I want to be. I want to be a champion in hockey. My dad and cousins always called me Champ when I was younger. Someday I really wish I can show them that I really am a champion.

Stanley Cup

This cup is my dream. Since I was little, I’ve dreamed of winning this Cup and bringing it back home to Finland. Every hockey player’s dream is to lift the Stanley Cup but not everyone gets to do that. I hope I’m not one of those guys who don’t get to lift it.


Dreams are something everyone chases. Some people reach it but some don’t. All young hockey players have the same dream. I have that dream. The dream is to become a professional NHL player and win the Stanley Cup and the World Championship and the Olympics. My dad and brother didn’t quite make it but I will try my best to get there.


All my friends are really important to me. I try to communicate with them but it’s not that easy. The time difference in eight hours. Even though I live across the world I still know that it will not change a thing. The only difficult part is how much I miss them and how much they miss me. They mean everything to me and it feels like I lost everything by having to move across the world because of my dad. It’s too hard for me to blend in a new atmosphere.


Christmas is a time when my whole family gets together and eats lots of food. For the past 15 years, my family has been able to arrange this. But this year we won’t be able to because my brothers live in Finland. And I’m going to Finland on Christmas break. Christmas is the best time of the year. I get to open presents, eat food, have fun and enjoy.


I listen to music all the time because it takes all my thoughts away and makes me feel better. Without music I really don’t know how stressed I would be. Even though music takes thoughts away, music can make me concentrate better on school things. Before all my hockey games I listen to music to get me concentrated on the game. To make me be ready for the game. If i wouldn’t do that, I would not be successful in hockey.

Personal Symbol

My personal symbol is a picture including allot of my important friends. The picture was taken on August 29. The day everything changed in my life including theirs. It was in Helsinki, Vantaa airport. We were sharing our final moments together. We shared our tears together and took the final pictures. They gave me all kinds of gifts but they told me to open it when I get to my new home. No one ever imagined that I would move away because I was an important person around everyone. I made people cheer up when they were feeling down. I was the one who made the day better. Everything happened so quickly. I remember those days when I had to start a countdown to the day of doom. Time went so slowly but when the last they came, it was full of tears. The last day is honestly the most devastating day of my entire life. I never wanted it to happen. I remember everyone asking the same question ‘’Why you Joni? Why you? Why can’t it be someone else?’’ I was silent. I didn’t know what to say. Now everything I had with all my Finnish friends are just memories I can think about. It’s the hardest part. I can’t be there to make them feel better or have fun. I can only facetime them. It just doesn’t feel right. Everyday I get messages that say ‘’Something is missing everyday in my life and that something is you.’’ When I see those messages it makes me think how important I actually was. I just want those days back when I was happy and everything was fine.

One Medium Suitcase


I would take my phone with me so that I can communicate with all my friends back in Finland and my family. I would listen to music all the time. A phone is something I need to have. Specially now that I live in USA because I can’t do the same things I used to do in Finland with everyone. Hangout with friends, go eat, watch movies, play games and all kinds of awesome things.


I would take lots of pictures with me so I can look at them. Pictures off my family and friends. I could imagine all the memories with them. The good times.


Without money I wouldn’t survive. Money is something I need in order to survive. With money I could buy food, clothes and everything.


During the day I had to say my goodbyes to my friends was awful. But as a relief, they surprised me with letters and different gifts. The letters touched me because of the way they described me as a person and my importance. I would take them with me and read them when I miss my Finland friends.


I would take my necklace that my mom and dad bought me when I had my confirmation. As a memory it reminds me of their care and love. It is really important to me. I wear it all the time.

Something from my mom

I would take something special from my mom. A jewelry, picture or something else that means alot to her.

Something from my dad

I would take his special ring that he got from his dad. It is very special to him so it would mean alot to me if I could take it with me. A picture of me and my dad.

Something from my brother Mikko

Mikko is my big brother. He lives in Finland with his girlfriend. He didn’t have to move to USA with us because he is an adult. But I would take something from him to remember him. Picture with him, his favorite bracelet or his favorite ring.

Something from my brother Iiro

Iiro is my biggest brother. He lives in Finland too. Iiro is a huge sports fan. He collects all kinds of different sports things from around the world. I would take his number one jersey to remember him. And a picture with him.

Notebook and a pencil

I would bring these to write down something everyday. Everything interesting that I do.

The Perfect Present

The perfect present for me would be a ticket back to my home country Finland. In Finland my education would be better I would be in the place I belong. I would have more competitive hockey. I would be with my best friends and everyone else. I could be safe all the time because I know how to live in Finland. In the USA, I’m still not so confident to be everywhere. The most important reason why I want a ticket back to Finland is that I could be with my whole family again. I could see my brother and my friends who I’ve known for over 10 years.

Who Am I?

Big Brother

I’ve always wanted to be a big brother because I could teach my little brother how to behave and play with him. Little brothers want to be like their big brother. I remember when I was younger I always wanted to be just like my brothers. It’s important to me because I could make my little brother a good kid. Make him smarter and teach him new things. Help him do his school work. Have a good time with him.


I’ve always wanted to be a musician. A dj actually. I have always had my own dj set so I could practice and become better. It is easy when you understand it. I like making my own music and mixing music together. It makes me feel good. Me and all my friends hang out at my place and make music together. It’s important to me because I will always do it. And if I’m successful, I could become a professional dj and make money out of it just by having fun and doing the thing that I like. I just have to practice and make good music.

Hockey Player

Since I was born, I’ve always dreamed of being a professional hockey player and making a living out of it. I want to make it to the National Hockey League and win the Stanley Cup. I want to represent my country during Olympics and World Championships. The reason why I love hockey so much is because my dad played and my brother played, they taught me how to play hockey first before I joined a real team. It is so important to me because it is my dream. I want to make my family proud. And I want to make my country proud.

Always Say Never

Category 1.

I would never play ping pong, tennis, bowling, badminton or volleyball as a hobby. These different hobbies are something I would never waste my time on because they are useless to me and boring. I’ve tried to play these sports when I was younger but I decided to stick with hockey because it is more intense and challenging.

Category 2.

I would never eat a full sized jalapeno, tomato or a chili because they are too spicy. I like to eat spicy foods but not too spicy. When I was younger my older brother pranked me and gave me a chili. I didn’t know what it was but I ate it because he told me they were sweet candy. I will never eat a chili by itself ever again.

Category 3.

I will never forget my phone and earphones or headphones anywhere. I will always carry them with me because in order to concentrate, I need music. Music helps me in all kinds of ways. Music is something I need all the time. I forgot my earphones ones and I was not able to concentrate at all. It didn’t feel right. That is why I cannot forget my phone or my earphones.

Are You Hungry?

My favorite meal is sushi. Sushi is something I could eat everyday because there is so many ways to make sushi. It is fun to make and delicious to eat. Since I was young my mom took me to many different places where they served sushi. My mom made me and my brother sushi. There is so many different ways to make sushi with different types of sea foods. I like to make sushi with my mom and brother at home.

Unfinished Sentences

I usually worry about sleeping. I usually worry about training. I usually worry about school. I feel angry when I get hit. I feel angry when I fall down. I feel angry when I don’t have food. I’m moody when I’m happy. I’m moody when I have no stress. I’m moody when I hear schools over. I’m happiest when school is over. I’m happiest when I have money. I’m happiest when there is nothing to worry about. I feel confident when I know I’m right. I feel confident when I know someone is wrong. I feel confident when I score reach my goals. I feel frustrated when I’m wrong. I feel frustrated when I have school. I feel frustrated when I need to move to another country. I feel depressed when I know something bad is happening. I feel depressed when I know I’m moving to another country. I feel depressed when I lose something valuable. I am comfortable when I sleep. I am comfortable when I can be with people I want to be with. I feel comfortable with a place I know. I’m nervous when I have tests. I’m nervous when I have to think quick. I’m nervous when I have too much responsibility.

Room Sweet Room

I haven’t set up my room very well yet because I haven’t opened all the boxes from the movement. But in my room in Finland, I had plenty of medals, trophies, pictures and all kinds of other stuff that remind me of the sport I love, ice hockey. The best medals I have are national championship gold and silver medals but all my other gold medals remind me of the moment my team wins the championship in a tournament or nationals. My most valuable trophy is also my national championship trophy. All my awards I have for being the most valuable player on the team

Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse

I woke up because of my dog barking next to me. It was 5.37 in the morning but I wanted to go back to sleep because my school starts at 7.30. I gave my dog a little food so he could calm down and go back to sleep as well. I slept for one more hour so it was 6.37 in the morning. I took a shower and ate some breakfast. After doing my morning routines, I told my dad that I’m ready and he could take me to school. But I did not hear a response. It was 7.13 and my mom told me that dad left to the airport at 4.00 to catch a flight to Chicago for a meeting. I was frustrated why they couldn’t tell me earlier because I’ve got two tardy’s in the past 2 weeks. I didn’t want to get my third tardy and serve detention. I left school at 7.17 and I was almost at school but I remembered that I forgot my essay at home and I knew that my mom could not bring it to school because she won’t be home. The essay was due today and late grades are not acceptable. So I hurried my way back home knowing there’s no way I’ll make it in time to school. I got back home at 7.41 and I picked up my essay and made my way back to school. While I was locking my front door I realized I needed my laptop for the day. I opened the door, ran to my room forgetting the door was open and while I ran back, a rat runs inside the house. I shut the door quickly so that more rats don’t come in and try to catch it before my dog eats it. The rat was hiding so it took me a while to find it. Finally at 8.07 I catch the rat and let it out. I open my front door put the rat on the ground and watch It run. While watching the rat run, the wind was hard enough to shut my door. I forgot my keys inside on my desk and all my other school stuff. I had to find the spare key from the garden. It took me 13 minutes. It was 8.21 when I found the spare key. I was so frustrated and exhausted. I opened the door, drank some cold water, picked up my stuff and double checked that I have everything. After all that, I headed back to school. I got to school at 8.58.


A stranger picked my portfolio up and read it from beginning to end. This stranger pictured the author as a young boy all the way from Finland who had to move far away to the United States to continue his life. This stranger pictured the author as a young Finnish hockey player with big dream to represent his country and make his family proud by becoming an National Hockey player. The author looked up to players from Finland who made it all the way to the NHL and won the Stanley Cup and World Championships. This stranger felt like he knew this author just by reading his portfolio.