The Inside Scoop

The unofficial travel guide to planet Earth

By: Evie Havens 1st hour

A place you should visit is the Sahara desert

  • Some opportunity the Sahara desert gives are aloe from cacti. (learn about deserts and cacti)
  • Some challenges are not much life and not much water or rain.
  • Some travel tips are the Sahara desert is very hot, there are poisonous animals, and cacti have thorns.
  • You should bring shorts, tank tops, hats, short sleeves, sweet shirts, lots of water, open and closed toe shoes, and sunblock.

Another place you should visit is the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

  • Some opportunity The Rocky Mountains provide are goats, plants, and water.
  • Some challenges are it can be very cold.
  • A couple travel tips are the rocky mountains are cold, there are bears, cougars, ungulates, rattle snakes, grey wolves, bobcats, lynx, wolverines, and there could be avalanches.
  • A packing list would be bring long and short sleeves, a sweat shirt, hat, wants, rain jacket, coats, boots, shoes, sunglasses, insect repellent, a flashlight, batteries, and long underwear. (Rocky Mountain National Park)
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One last place I think you should visit is the Grand Canyon

  • Some opportunity are tourism (national parks service)
  • Some challenges are pests (national parks service)
  • Some travel tips are you could fall, there are big horned sheep, coyotes, ring tail, mt. lions, bobcats, badgers, and rattle snakes. (keep wild life wild)
  • A packing list is food, water, shoes, protection from from the sun. and emergency supplies (U.S.A today)

Some ways we regionalize the earth are..............

  1. Climate zones because climates get hotter when you get closer to the middle of the earth and colder the closer you get to the top and bottom of the earth.
  2. Time zones because many different places have different times. sometimes they even are on different days or even years.
  3. Continents because there is 6 pieces of land the we need to live on and take care of.

some places you might also want to visit are.........