Almost Lost By Beatrice Sparks

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The main chrachter's name is Sammy . Sammy is an odd boy , who doesn't have much friends . He is bullied at school . His parent just got through a very tough divorce . Sammy only has one friend . They have been frineds since kindergarten . So when Sammy goes through a rough time he decides to bail . That's really hard on Sammy . He counted on him to be ther for him but he wasn't and instead of being mad Sammy starts being depressed . Sammy is the protagonist , at the beginning of the boom you think that Sammys mom is just a supporting character but as you get closer to the end you realize that she is the antagonist . Sammy goes through a very depressive phase in his life. He runs a way , hurts himself and hurts others . Sammys therapist suggest a mental rehab facility . At first he gets so angry he runs away for 8 days , but after he understands that he needs help and he ends up going .


The story of Sammys depressed life takes place during March 29 , 2010 till November 17 , 2011 . He lives in a very bad neighbor hood . People try to get Sammy to try drugs . It's basicllly like an east side , Texas . I think if Sammy would've have moved to a different city ( a better one ) he wouldn't have to go through what he went through . At least not alone . A fresh start would've been something perfect for Sammy . He could become a new person .


Sam's Recovery, told from tapes of his therapy sessions. It tells what drove him to leave home, how he survived on the street, and why he was desperate to escape from the brutality of the gang that had become his "family" and from the torment of his own self-loathing. The symbolism is his tapes . At the end of the story and old friend finds his tapes after Sammy has died and puts them together into a book , Almost Lost . When Sammy was five his grandma had a candle collection , he said that his grandma would always let him light and blow out the candle . At the end of the book he says " my life is just like a candle , I should be able to blow out my candle whenever I want " .

Book Recommendation

I give this book big 5 gold stars . I am going to start reading more books from this author . I love how just little things is being so greatly detailed . The candle theory I think is amazing .

Plot & Conflict

Thrilling , sad , and infesting are the perfect three words that decribe this book . The conflict is man vs self and , man vs man . Sammy has to fight his own thoughts about suicide . At the end he knows what thought to listen to and ones to ignore . He has to not let his family get in the way of his recovery . This story is about Sammys suffering and recovery .