How to live in a zombie apocalypse.

by: Carlos Gomez

Great Plains

I love the great plains because it is flat and good because you can see zombies easy.I would find a tree and I can build a very high tree house and build a ladder to get up the tree house,but the ladder is weak so I have to be careful.The ladder can curly up for no zombies eat me.I'm going play outside at the day because zombies really hate sunlight,but at night time I'll going inside the tree house because zombies are out to eat brains.I ratter go to sleep at night.Inside the tree house is a mini garden with carrots wheat and potato's.At the day I will go outside and get some water but I have to boiled it to make it clean.I will have a little bathroom in the tree house.I will shoot the zombies with a bow and arrow at the night time so I can live happy and peaceful.So this is the reason I love the great plains when there is a zombie apocalypse.I will give it a 8 becuse it good and dry and hot
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Appalachian mountains

The appalachian mountains is the oldest mountains in the USA. Since the appalachian mountain has round at the top I can build a small castle and the castle have two floors.One floor has three rooms,bathroom,mini garden,and my bedroom with everything I really need like a bow and arrow.On teh second floor I shoot the zombies for they dont attack me.I have everything for me to live like food, water and shelter.I'm ready for something to happen.So this is why I like the appalachian mountains when ther is a zombie apocalypse.I will give this a 5 because its good but you can fall down to your death.
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coastal range

This is bad because your going to have to swim if you in a zombie apocalypse.Another thing is if you run you can trip on a rock and you are caught.I is so rocky at the it is hard to run away.So this is the reason the coastal range is not good for me durnig a zombie apocalypse.
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Stuff to live

House food water a lot.Also I need a bed weapons and others.