How to Go Green Everyday

Learn to make choices that protect the environment

GREEN PUG RECYCLES! and changes lightbulb, carpools...

I Don't Want to Clean My Room!

Read this comic strip and play this game in order to learn how to recycle and reuse everyday items and protect the environment.
I Don't Want to Clean My Room!

Trash Talkin'

Do this activity in order to identify recyclable items.
Trash Talkin'

The Great Green Web Game

Test yourself on your "green" knowledge and gain some more by making choices in this fun game.
The Great Green Web Game
3 R' s - Reduce ,Reuse , Re-cycle - Pollution - Lesson - Education videos by

Kids Can Conserve Too!


Conserve: To save and protect

Play this game where you can learn ways you can conserve water in your home and environment!

Ask your parents to help you conserve in your home....

Energy Conservation for Kids - Lighting

Understanding Water Conservation a Little Better....

All done? Talk to your partner about some facts you learned today!