Tupac shooting

By:Joey Formigan

Tupacs life and days of gangsterness

Tupac was a very honored guy. He had a very hard life growing up though, his parents were nothing but drug attics. They were getting arrested or getting in trouble most of the time, but Tupac found a way so it wouldn't affect him as he grew up he found a passion for rapping although that got him into a trouble filled life he was still liked by many people but later in his life he had stole another rappers record so they got mad. One night Tupac was out to watch a mike Tyson boxing match at the MGM grand hotel. After the match Tupac came out and got into his limo and made his way down the street and stopped at a red light a car pulled up next to him and opened fire on the car, Tupac was shot several times to death.


Tupac was attacked half of the time because of his violence of his lyrics, especially to other people. Tupac wrote violent lyrics directed to another person from a different gang so that might be who is behind this mystery. I also read about how Tupac had broke into another rappers studio and stole his records and released them, so he could have been shot by him also. Most of the people Tupac was in many gun fights with were from the east and the south side, it could have also possibly been one of the people from both of those sides. Other than the east and south side he had feuds with may other rappers, mostley only because of the way he acted.


Some theories are that the FBI actually shot Tupac. It is also thought that they shot biggie smalls, a well known friend of Tupac. Tupac shakur and biggie smalls are still known to be "living the life" in Cuba. A former LAPD cop is saying that Sean combs hired a million dollar hit man to take out Tupac. Suge Knight was in the car at the time of the murder, but he was also accused of planning the shooting because he heard that Tupac was going to leave death row to produce for the manager if the N.W.A jerry heller.

Most plausible theory

The most plausible theory of the shooting of Tupac is that his best friend biggie smalls shot him, nobody knows exactly how but the biggest theory is that biggie smalls shot him to death because he was in a different gang at the time so he could have possibly been forced to kill Tupac or die himself.