By: Maria Camacho

Self Comforting

Babies find different way to comfort themselves like twisting their hair, rocking themselves back and forth, or soothing themselves with a favorite blanket or toy. Babies may develop a special attachment to their object and use it for comfort when they're sleepy or anxious

Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is the most common technique and a baby will suck on a thumb, fist, and pacifier. Many babies stop sucking their thumbs at about 6 or 7 months of age when the teeth come in and parents should only be worried if the sucking changes the shapes of the mouth or teeth


Some people fear that pacifiers cause physical or emotional harm, but they actually help the baby calm down and fall asleep. Caregivers should use the correct size and shape for the baby's mouth and they should also be sanitized frequently. The shield should be large enough to prevent the entire pacifier from fitting their the mouth


In the second month, babies continue with the strong, sucking reflex and they will suck on their fist or a few fingers and this is one of the best ways they comfort themselves.
Baby Sucking Thumb For First Time
Baby sucking pacifier
7 week old baby sucking fist. super cute