Tuesday Tech Tip

For the month of May

Classroom uses: Create a video (AURA) and then create a trigger that leads to your Aura.

Aurasma - Steps for Sample project used in 5th Grade for Open House at Solana Pacific

iBook that explains the basics

Engage their minds blog with additional ideas and links to other AR apps.

Just for fun...Check out the Muppet Bandaid AR App - You will need to buy Muppet Bandaids and download the free app. Scan the bandaid to see your favorite characters come to life!

Mrs. Anderson's First Grade Class has been studying national landmarks in social studies. They used Tellagami to demonstrate their learning and to inform each other of various landmarks.

New app to try - Photo Mapo

Transform simple photos from field trips into masterpieces!

iTunes Store Link

Engage their minds blog - IDEAS HERE!