Happy Labor Day Weekend!

August 30, 2019

Hello Cherished 1st Impressions!

I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous summer and are ending it with more

fun and relaxation with family and friends!

So how can YOU have the best long weekend ever- and rev up for your best falls ever too? Here are 5 sure fire ways to make it fun, keep the LABOR out of the long weekend, and make it productive! With our GORGEOUS new fall line, it's the perfect time to ramp up and reach out!

2 More Days of Our $109 Starter Kit (which includes the weekend $40 discount!)

When new stylists sign up and use the code SDFORALL40 at checkout through the end of the month they get an extra $40 off sign up price! that's $109 and you can't beat that!

Who do you know who's mentioned that she needs/wants to earn extra cash for one reason or another? Do you think she'd enjoy wearing & sharing the style to reap money and more free product?

When opportunity knocks, let your girlfriends in!

Challenge: Call 2 people today and post their names on our 1st Impressions Team Page (I'll pick a winner of a raffle on Tuesday!).

You're going to see many peeps this long weekend so share with your enthusiastic self! Then follow up with a text including a sponsoring image or video from MIMI. Work out the math for her so you really lay out this great deal.

$109 Starter Kit will give her:

$350 in Product + the ability to get currated packages and anything else at 50% off

When she sells $1000 in her first 30 days, she'll get

  1. $109 back as a rebate
  2. $250+ in cash commissions
  3. $200 in more free product (10% from Quickstart + 10% from Jumpstart)
  4. and $200+ in Hostess Rewards when she double dips being the hostess & in her Jumpstart!


$250+ in cash AND $750+ in product credit! + a lot of momentum out of the gate - who wouldn't want to try and enjoy this deal?

Big picture

Challenge # 2: Sell $250 from our AH-MAZING Sale this weekend!

Today from the comfort of my hair stylist's chair, I shared easily from MIMI by texting photos of sale pieces (either those from the MIMI gallery or selfies of me wearing some pieces) and creating personalized looks out of the deals so my friends can enjoy the style for a steal!

I'm also posting on IG and my VIP Facebook page -- sharing the style vs. selling is giving me more credit and people are in turn....SHOPPING! Of course I'm laying the groundwork for September Style Sessions too :)

I'm going to be purposeful all weekend long by wearing the sale pieces and having lookbooks in my bag ready to go anytime. I'll have those I'm chatting with about S&D find themselves on FB from my phone so I can instantly share my website and then follow up later.


Be sure to check your numbers so you don't miss out AND remember you're also earning points for the LEGEND INCENTIVES :)

Big picture

Read or listen to something inspiring

...even if it's my personal Friday Fav: PEOPLE MAG. Whatever you want - just do and share a nugget on our team page for fun! Danielle Redner has some personal recommendations for us too:

  • Book: City of Girls
  • Podcast: Any episode of Armchair Expert but i think you'll love the Brene Brown one for starters (assuming of course you've devoured every episode of Self Made :))
  • Fun new daily news I'm loving: Atlas Obscura. Google it and subscribe. It's fun and though provoking.

Do something NEW for one hour :)

It could be a walk in a new place, a drive to a new town, a new flavor of ice cream that everyone get to vote on, or the new idea that you just talk for 5 minutes-- hello kids & teenagers ;)

Try something new. Let's share on our team page!

Call your family together and tell them you love them

Happy Labor Day with Love & S'Mores!


CARRIE McGRAW (post foils)

Founding Star Director