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Serial Murderers and Their Victims

Eric W. Hickey
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“There is remarkable power in the manner”

This to me just proves that in some way shape or form that serial killers, kill for power, I personally do not know if that is the main reason because many start from incident that occurred in the earlier years of their lives. I do though believe that serial murderers only tell you what they want you to know, with that being said power over the victim could be 100% true.

“Maneuvered his victim into a position that allowed him to be in control, The women’s fate was inevitable”

As I read this I clearly imagined what could be happening. It sets a use of imagery in my head that I didn't want to believe was true. This specific quote gave me chills as I was reading it because of the end part, the women was no longer in control of her fate.

“ The offender physically and mentally dominates his or her victims to a point where he or she has fantasized achieving ultimate goal over another human being”

100% control is a big common factor between serial killers. Each and every murder is about achieving power. Although I feel that they only choose the ones that they know they will be able to dominate, in their mind they have the power of your life in their hands. That’s all the power they need.

“Create attachment of control”

The first thing that I thought of when I was reading this was,” Common Factor.” It’s all about power and control with humans. I personally feel that control is not something that one should desire. In fact, I think that people should just let humans live without having to “control” them. Control Only allows each party to get their feelings hurt and in this case murder someone.

“Harbor feelings of hatred, revenge, and domination over their victims”

From this point on, I was certain to believe that the murders of some of these victims were pre meditated. If they harbor over the feelings of hatred, then they are forcing themselves to think about all of the times that they were hurt by certain individuals. But also again it mentioned control or dominance.

“Methods of gaining control over victims”

Each action and everything that murderers do, things such as charming, torture and sexual assault are all methods of gaining control. This sentence appears many, many times throughout the book. It is very sad to think that the only way some people feel that they gain control over someone is by killing them.

“Others do it for gain, power, etc…”

If it is not a sexual desire or about revenge then a murder is about power. I will never understand that why killing someone gives another power. Again it amazes me, I feel that takin a life isn’t power. Actually I feel that it is a weakness.

“The etiology of muti murders is primarily greed that drives a person to want to gain more money, power, control and prestige”

This was one of the last quotes that I chose and it disgusted me. What I comprehended out of reading this was that with each act of killing, the killer kills more and more and feel that they are gaining so much power and control. So another body equals more power to them. I think it is very sad to think that for serial killers power is more important than the beauty of life.

“Eventually freedom is lost”

“Not only to kill, but to ravage the victim”

I could never understand this but I was very curious. I wanted to know why killers wanted to extremely damage and destroy their victims. Especially someone that they do not now or someone that they once cared for.

Thematically Spaking

Overall the main theme of this book was power or control. Each murder that I read about I had much to do with wanting dominance. Whether it was to gain dominance over a person or a situation or society. Ted Bundy once said that he maneuvers his victims until they lose their fate. others such as john Huntington kill for sexual desire . From sexual desire to revenge all come from dominance. The killer wants to show that they have the power and will do anything to show you. This is t most important theme in the book because of all the research that has been done has the common factor of " control". This one thing has alot to do with some of the biggest most known murderers as studies were done on those such as Charles Manson and Ted Bundy. Even the murders that you would least expect , like those dine by doctors or teachers are all some way related to desired control or the rush of control.

5.0 out of 5 starsOnce you pick it up...There's no way you can put it down

By A Customer on August 24, 1999

Format: Paperback

Just when you thought you were inside the mind of a serialkiller...Hickey lets you know just how close or far away you reallyare. This book goes in depth when explaining the symptoms, mechanics, responses, and composure of a serial killer. Equipped with psychological and criminal definitions once thought were out of the realm of understanding, Hickey gracefully applies them to the common persons understanding. The one thing better than reading his material is actually attending one of his seminars, interviews, or better yet his criminology class (153)...Beware of what you read at NIGHT!!!

5.0 out of 5 starsCriminal book on Serial and Mass Murderers

By Amazon Customer on January 26, 2013

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Well written and educational. Just what I was looking for. I didn't want one of those sensational re-inactment true story telling books. After the mass murders of the children and teachers at Newtown Conn I wanted to find out what kind of people commit these kinds of crimes. This book is helping me find answers. It is also educating me on the dangerous people that are out there. I like this book because the author is an authority and his book is used in colleges and in law enforcement classes as well it should be.

Features and Benefits

  • Many profiles of serial killers, as well as vignettes, attract students’ interest and prepare them for class discussions.
  • The text provides a thorough analysis of the lives of male, female, and team serial killers through examination of individual cases, typology construction, and explanatory models.
  • Profiling the offenders as well as the offended, the author addresses the victims and survivors of serial murder and its impact on communities.
  • An in-depth, research-based account of serial murderers introduces students to the seriousness of the topic and debunks myths and stereotypes surrounding the perception of serial killers.
  • Profiles of the various types of serial killers introduce students to the assorted patterns of killing.

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Book Review

Serial Murderers and their Victims 6th edition by Eric W. Hickey, Is the most captivating and curious book that one will read. Hickey gives you insight about the most notorious killers we have had in the last centuries. Not only does he draw you attention with their murders, he provides information that allows you to get into the head of individual murderer.

The main purpose of this book is to pick apart the brains of serial killers and break down the different sections as to which serial killers are put into. For instance, Categories are divided by the motive or type of murder that took place i.e. sexual, revengeful, etc.. Along with the categories, it gives you the profile of the murder and in detail gives you enough imagery to allow you to be there in that second, while providing you with information that gets inside the killers head.

Eric W. Hickey teaches at California State University. He is in the criminal psychology field and has appeared on Public Radio, 20/20, Good Morning America, A&E, and Discovery and Learning Channel documentaries. He used these stations to discuss his research on sexual predators, murderers, and serial killers. He also has served on The American Prosecutors' Research Institute, and testifies as an expert witness in both criminal and civil cases. He conducts seminars for agencies involving profiling and investigating sex crimes, homicide, stalking, etc.

Much evidence is stated in his books and i am sure he has more to share. Each book consist of studies that are documented cited for confirmation. With all of the details and horrific things, i think that book should only be read by high school students and above. I do recommend this book foe those who wish to study crime and or are interested in learning about the serial killers we have had.