Celebrities Who Break the Law

Should They Face Stricter Penalties?

My Opinion

Celebrities who break the law should face stricter penalties. It seems like whenever a well-known celebrity breaks the law in any way, they never go to jail, and they can just pay off the bail. Celebrities should face jail time whenever they do something serious, not just a fine of a few hundred thousand dollars. To them, a few hundred thousand dollars is chump change.

Celebrities are Role Models

Celebrities are role models, and when they break the law, it makes the people who follow them regularly think that it is OK to do a serious crime, and when the celebrity only faces a petty fine, it makes it look easy to get away with a crime, when it really isn't if you aren't a celebrity.

Celebrities Have More Money

Celebrities typically have more money than other people. This is why they should be punished more when it comes to a fine. A large fine of $50,000 may seem like a lot to a normal person, however, $50,000 to most millionaire celebrities is like nothing. This is why they should pay more fines, think around the area of $1 million.

Celebrities are Equal to Other People

Remember, celebrities are people too. Just because they might be starring in the next movie or playing in the next big game, if they get caught with cocaine, they need to face the full punishment. However, for most celebrities, this is not the case.

Celebrities Should Face Stricter Penalties

As you can see, celebrities are treated with the silver spoon when it comes to breaking the law. They have way more money than us, to pay what is to them small fines, and above all, they are role models for a lot of people, mostly kids, and are teaching them that it's OK to break the law. These celebrities should face stricter penalties when they commit a serious crime.

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