Language and customs

by: Madison, Alex, and trenton


language is important because this is how you communicate with others, and say you went to Mexico that is a Spanish speaking country and if you did not know Spanish that would be very difficult for you to be there because you don't know what they're saying.


a custom is a tradition a country has that is carried on for a long time. for example, in Spain many tourists wants to try tapas, one of the most famous Spanish traditions. a tapa is not a type of food, it's a way of eating it. tapas are small portions but they can be of anything. one more example is in Ireland. a famous dance they do is called river dance. popularized in 1994 and has been popular since then. this is a very famous custom they carry out at special events and/or parties. they always enjoy playing the bagpipes which have been around since 1300BC.