Augmented Reality

By: Francisco Guerrero

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is way to see the physical world on a computer that could generate its environments, video, elements, and enhancing it to the corrent perception of reality giving it the audio, the graphics in a awesome way, and giving too its GPS data in real time.

History and Beginings of Augmented Reality

Aumented Reality development started seens 1901 when a Author named: L.Frank Baum give the idea to the public of a digital reality that could display several data to the people that could use it or have it and called it “ Character Marker”. From1957 to 2001 and up to this year the Augmented Reality in all the electronics have developed in a great way by saving lifes, helping people and the world, and making discoverments creating many useful things, since to a cinematographer and other important people that have developed it throught the years creating a way to display the sound, smell, visuals, and its vibration by simulators in real time.
Hands-On with NASA's Augmented Reality App

Services and Devices that use Augmented Reality

Many people in the world uses this type of technology to travel or have like gps or very important things like NASA does, but other can use it to see more about the places that they visit the places near of them and places even without entering see what they are and what they do. Augmented Reality is used in special and technologic glasses modified to use them for that example: (google glasses) and to used more likely in smartphones.
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How Augmented Reality Works?

The Augmented Reality has been developing seen very long time but in this years the society and other people have enter to the video game stuff as puting the graphics of the games to a limit that battles with the real lifes one, and added smell, touch, and hearing to it in different ways pushing its limits in the photorealism. Augmented reality now lets people get to a different point of view of all the world by the fact that almost all are seeing it too by the applications that already exist that have help the society through more than 30 years or more. Both video games and reality with their smartphones can get driving development such as alternative routs (gps work too).

What could happen if decisions were made based on information gathered through Augmented Reality?

Info/ Jaguars Project

The information that we will get will be almost exact as we will see it right now but in a not to near future I think that this technology will help us in a better and faster way by getting us more information about different things and in a way that all the people could have it and see it in the same way by the functions that is made of. Other companies can use it as jaguar by putting it in their cars to get the car into safer ways or faster ways to get to its ubication. Jaguar has use it to to give ways in races with ghosts to give the people better laps, its time, its velocity, and to the ghost that they are compiting or other racer to get its way off with the chance of putting too virtual obstacles to the racer have a better ride or in this case the self-driving car.


The AR we invented it so if we don`t bring it with us or develop it the technology that we could get of the old technology may get obsolete with the technology at the same time and we will not get nothing we need to continue with the evolution and not get behing others and try all to do our best, because the information that we could get of a app, or a article that is based in AR could get messy and for other people its only easier and faster to do it itself like it was before and to do it and not only simulate it in a way that other people its awesome way to see it but to to do it in a way that things get in the correct way and work.
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