The Burning Bridge

Reviewed by Liam Tolentino

Author: John Flanagan

262 pages

More action and adventure than before!


The kingdom of Araluen has been safe from Lord Morgarath for 15 years, but all that is about to change when rangers Halt and his apprentice Will intercept the secret plans for Morgarath's plan to attack the kingdom. Will has been assigned to team up with his friend Horace and a ranger named Gilan to send a message to the kingdom of Celtica and warn them about the attack. On their way to Celtica, they find that all the villages have been abandoned. It didn't take long for them to discover that Celtica has already been attacked and the plans that had been intercepted were fake. Will, Horace, and Gilan need to warn the kingdom about what they have discovered, but will they get there in time?


The story was told from the perspective of the author so it is in 3rd person view

Theme of the Story

In the story, Will, Horace and Gilan met a girl named Evalyn who had survived the attacks from Lord Morgarath and had nothing to eat. Will made stew for all of them but there was not enough eating utensils because Will had to give his bowl to Evalyn. Evalyn noticed that Will was not eating so she offered some of her food. Will was tempted to accept but then he realized that Evalyn had been starving for days so he let her have all the food. This shows that it is best to sacrifice what you have for someone else who needs it more.