Jakes Journal


Mrs. Siler's Class

This month, the Jakes Journal was written and published by Mrs. Siler's 5th grade students. We brainstormed article topics, and then students got to work visiting classrooms, taking pictures, and writing articles. We are very proud of their hard work!

Kid's Market

Hey guys I'm going to talk about the new Kids market we have in Mrs.Hardy’s classroom. It’s was epic! This is what it looks like. There were all different kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beverages at an affordable price.

Hello, I will be telling you some questions that I will be asking Mrs.Hardy.

  1. How will did it go?
  2. How much money did you make for United Way?
  3. Did you guys have fun selling fruits, vegetables and beverages?

  4. Who else works at the Kids Market?
  5. What subjects in school matters for the Kids Market?

We got the Answers back!
  1. Really well, hard work a lot of helpers.
  2. They made around $500 for United Way.
  3. Yes it was really fun.
  4. Mrs. Sites (parent of Lily Shelton) and the faculty
  5. English, Reading, Math, and Science

-Myley Roadcap

*Click here to view the full version of Myley's article.

The Jakes are Ready to Jump!

We are very sad that Jumping Jakes has ended. We will be talking about their end of the season Valentines party!! We will also be interviewing some students from the Jumping Jakes and the coaches so lets get started! The grades that are allowed to do it is 3rd, 4th and 5th. If your child would be interested in doing the Jumping Jakes next year that would be great because next year your child will get a form sent home so that you can sign up. We just interviewed the Jumping Jakes coach Ms. Byler.

-Ryann Plogger & Ashlyn Spitzer

*To see the full version of Ryann and Ashley's article, click here.


You bet! Today at John C. Myers, Beau Dickenson, Supervisor of Social Studies, and one of the most experienced researcher in Rockingham County, came to our school to explain about a brave woman named Barbara Jones. Barbara Jones is a kind spirit who only wanted to end segregated schools and be treated equally. And she succeeded.

Beau Dickenson, former student, just explained about the woman named Barbara Jones. And now the kids are in a good mood and ready for fun day!

-Caiden Jones

*To view the full version of Caiden's article, click here.

Dance Club

Our students have been attending a dance club every Friday right after school which ends at 4:30. They have been working on routines that we do in a group. Everybody has a different style of dancing and we all work together. It all started when three third graders went up to Mrs. May and said don't you think it would be cool to have a dance club and Mrs. May thought that it was a great idea. That is what our students have been doing after school.

-Jordan Ennis & Sean Fadeley

*To see the full version of Jordan and Sean's article, click here.

JCMES PE Bike Unit

JCMES PE is having a biking unit where all the kids get to ride bikes. It's indoor and outdoor unit. The PE teachers teach you how to wear your helmet and how to use your bikes. There are different sized bikes for different ages. There are big bikes, medium bikes, and balance bikes. Just letting all you parents know what your kids are doing when their in PE.

-Braden Burkhalter

*To see the full version of Braden's article, click here.

Choir Festival in JCMES

Ever heard of the choir at JCMES? This is the article that tells you all about them. The choir is led by Ms. Clements. The people in the choir are Joseph Stambaugh, Brooklyn Whetzel, Ashley Hoover, Skylar Phillips, Dillon Rhodes, Brie Stoops, Kate Piper, Allexis Phillips, Natalie Flora, and Grace Conley. The songs they are singing are Goliath, Bonse aba, Yonder come day, and Grand old flag. They will be performing at 7:00pm at Spotswood Hight School.

-Joseph Stambaugh

*To view the full version of Joseph's article, click here.


Join the Jakes in a whole bunch of fun!

The Pinterest Club is lead by Mr.Grix and Mrs.Hatcher! The students that are in this club will be doing creative activities and free drawing! The clubs will start on March 17th from 3:00 to 4:15!

-Faith Kile & Taylor Ritchie

*To view the full version of Faith & Taylor's article, click here.

Class Visits

We are fifth graders in Mrs. Siler's class. We went around the school to take videos and pictures of different activites. Check out the pictures below of these special activities.

-Madison Keller, Lea Weaver, Lucas Dodd

To view the full article and to see pictures and videos of the special events, click here.


JMU Plant Cells!

The JMU students have already came to our school on February 5 and 14 to talk about cells. The kids spent most of the day in the Stem Lab. They were looking at microscopic cells.

We were looking at leaves through microscopes. We were looking at salt and water and see what it did to the small pieces of leaves. The teacher showed us gummy bears in regular water and see it expand. We got a sheet to take home to read each night if you wish to. It was a lot of fun for all of us. Would you guys like to be someone like them? We hope you enjoyed your visit with the JMU plant cells!

-Jennifer Vieyra and Brooklyn Back

*To view the full version of Jenny and Brooklyn's article, click here.

Spring Carnival

A few reminders:

We need YOUR help with the Spring Carnival.

*Sign up to help with the Bake Sale (http://www.tinyurl.com/jcmesdonations18)

*Sign up via your child's homeroom teacher to run a game.

*Contact Brooke Crawford if you wish to make a donation to the Silent or Live Auction from a business or organization at brooke.crawford81@gmail.com

*Stephanie Frye is in charge of the car show. Cars on display will be parked in the front lot beginning at 2:30 on the 17th. If you know anyone who may want to bring their car, you can contact her at chinkyav18@gmail.com.

Spring Carnival Staff Packages


Read to Feed Continues through the month of March!

March is Reading Month! Every classroom is keeping track of our reading during the school day for a big goal: to help us raise money for Heifer International. Through donations, this organization provides farm animals to families in developing nations. These animals make a profound difference in the lives of whole families.

Please encourage our reading this month by sending a donation to school to help us meet our Read to Feed goal of $5000. (Checks to JCMES.) Any gift will help! Check out the Myers Facebook page for pictures and updates! Thanks so much!


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