February "Engage"

February 7th-13th

February Engage Week Intro

Let's see what some kids say about what they want to be when the grow up

100 Kids Tell Us What They Want to Be When They Grow Up | 100 Kids | HiHo Kids

Read 1 Samuel 3:1-10

So, God calls each of us to a specific purpose. Let's take a look at how God called Samuel.

Open to page 371 in your Catholic Children's Bible and read from the First Book of Samuel Chapter 3 verses 1-10

Want a video version of the story? Check out the clip below.

God Speaks to Samuel


Samuel was a young person just like you when God called out to him. Eli helped him realize that it was God's voice that he was hearing. Because Samuel listened to God speaking to him in his life, he was blessed and happy because he was fulfilling what God needed from him. What do you think God wants and desires from you in life? I know you are young, but it is never to soon to start thinking and praying to God about it!


God's call or purpose for us is specific to each one of us. What God calls us to do begins with and is rooted in our Baptism. That is why we say it is our "baptismal call." We also call it our VOCATION in life. The video below explains more.
Vocation 101: What is Vocation?

"VOCATION happens when you take what you love to the world's needs."

February Engage Week Wrap Up Video

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