The Bald Eagles

In Wisconsin

Description of animal

The Bald eagle is (2 1/2- 3feet) in height. The bald eagle male is (8-9lb) and the Female Bald eagle is (10-14lbs). When the baby eagles hatch, their entire bodies are covered with light feathers. Baby bald eagles are dark brownish black and yellow. The average lifespan of bald eagles in the wild is around 20 years. The oldest bald eagle is believed to have been 28 years of age.
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The Bald eagle loves to eat fish, They eat small birds, mice and dead meat. Bald eagles have no problem stealing food from other birds. The baby eagles predator is a hawk, because of their size.

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Bald eagles like lakes - big lakes. During the summer, they can be seen flying above lakes and in the nearby trees, they prefer lakes and water with lots of fish and place or thing forest. In the winter, bald eagles can be seen around unfrozen lakes and hunting along coastlines, water and rivers. During the migration, bald eagles are seen near all types of water.
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Population number

There are 7,066 pairs of birds, nesting as stated by or in to the Department of natural Resources. The population is growing.
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It is in most cases; usually .Believed that bald eagles mate for life. They choose a large tree where there is a large amount of fish for a nesting site. The nest will be about four feet in across and about three feet deep. They often use the same branches each year. Their nest is called an eerie. The female usually lays two eggs each year, but many times only one of the babies survives. Baby eagles are called eaglets. They will begin to fly about three months after birth.
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Bald eagles have lived up to four-eight years of age in zoos. Their lifespan in the wild is far shorter.
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1.They mate for life however if one dies the other will accept a new mate.

2.Bald eagles can live up to 30 years in the wild and in captivity have lived 36 years!

3. Theall white head on the eagle in these photos shows that it is an adult- it takes four-five years to mature to adulthood.

4. Bald eagles are still protected by the Bald and golden eagle protection act, the migratory bird treaty act, and the lacey act.

5. Even with these protections they still face many dangers such as continued use of DDT in Mexico, lead poisoning both accidental and intentional from perching on high power lines as well as continued killing or being killed. Have you seen Bald eagles in wild? Do you have them in your area?

6. They get their one person or thing " bald head and white tail when they are four or fives- years old

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100+ Bald Eagles

BY: Lillian kalbes