To Be, Or Not To Be

By Kimberlee King


I'm someone who finds Math easy but English is hard for me. I am quiet and shy person and isolate myself from others during the weekends and holidays. If I'm close to you I am pretty open but if I"m not close to you it's hard for me to hold a conversation. I'm a pretty fun person to be around if you get to know me but because I'm so quiet people don't really try to get to know me.

In the play Twelth Night the character Antonio is a loyal friend. He cares about his friends and will help them in anyway he can. Antonio is a theif and can fight his own battles. Antonio is love with Sebastian and want's to protect him and help him out anyway possible even if it means getting himself hurt. Antonio is a strong person and holds himself up.

"Put up your sword, if this young gentleman have down offence, I take the fault on me. If you offend him, I for him defy you" (III. Iv. 281-283). Pg.14


In todays sociality if you are a girl in highschool you have to dress like a girl or you are portrayed as 'dirty' or 'poor'. But if boys come to school in like pajamas they aren't portrayed as dirty they are just portayed as being a boy. Also, in todays sociality girls have to be stick thin and have long hair and if you have short hair you are considered a lesbian. I wanted to play baseball but my dad said that I wouldn't be able to play because coaches don't take girls for baseball since they're is softball. Guys think girls are weak and unintelligent until you prove them wrong and have that satisfaction feeling.

Antonio is a male that is post to be strong and manly. Well, that's who Antonio is but some may say because he's gay he should be a weakly girly man. Antonio is also a pirate and pirates are post to be these mean scary people. Really Antonio is caring and loyal to people he likes. Also, because Antonio is a pirate everyone things he's a bad guy and only wants to steal things. That is partially right he is still a caring guy.


Peers see me as loud and laugh at everything. They say I play world of warcraft a lot (computer game). They say I like to read and mainly supernatural stuff and they say I like to paint. They say I like to be early to places and that I'm a back seat driver. I'm a quiet person and should try to be more social.

I believe other characters in Twelth Night see Antonio as a horrible guy because he is a pirate. Viola probably thinks he's a crazy person because he keeps calling her Sebastian. SIr Toby and Sir Andrew might think Antonio is a strong person for sticking up for Viola and wanting to fight her battles. Orsino might think he should be locked up or killed because he took things from him. Which is true but they don't know that Antonio is loyal and caring toward his friends. Sebastian thinks that Antonio is a good guy for helping him out after the shipwreck and giving him some money to buy food and stay at a hotel.

"My kind Antonio,
I can no other answer make but thanks,
And thanks; and ever thanks; and oft good turns
Are shuffled off with such uncurrent pay:
But, were my worth as is my conscience firm,
You should find better dealing. What's to do?
Shall we go see the reliques of this town? " (III.III. 15-19). pg. 1

Similarties and Differences

Antonio and I are similar because we are both loyal to the people we care for. We are also similar because we will stand up for people we care about and not let them fight their own battles.

Antonio and I are different because he's a pirate and I'm a teenage girl who is just trying to graduatehigh school. Antonio and I are also different because he's a guy and I'm a girl.

To be or not to be

To be or not to be