Soccer coach

Brayan Sanchez


My future job is to be a soccer coach one reason I want to be a soccer coach because you can be a coach for many years. Also you can meet new soccer players. Also you can travel to new places you never been at

Training and education

When you are a soccer coach you need to go to college and get a master degree. You have many responsibilities For example in charge for coaching. You also got to motivate your team. It is hard to be a soccer coach.

work envirnment

If you want to be a soccer coach you are supposed to get a master degree. When you coach you can wear some fancy clothes or regular clothes. Soccer coaches work by them selves

job description

Soccer coaches salary is good. They win 35,000 per three months. Also people are still going to play this sport in the future. Being a soccer coach is good and plus they win good money.


Soccer would still be a popular sport in the future. Also it would still be hard being a soccer coach. Coaching would be kind of diffucult because you got to train a lot of soccer players. Also i would still want to be a coach.