Charles Darrow

Scopes Monking Trial

Thoughts over Scopes Monkey Trail

I believe this subject it very interesting. I didn't know that Darwin announced his theory that humans had descended from apes. I knew it was a theory but I didn't know that people would make a big deal out of it which they did. It actually surprised the Western world. The most thing I found interesting in this subject is that the 1920s, most of the urban churches of America had been able to reconcile Darwin's theory with the bible, but rural preachers preferred a stricter interpretation.

Facts about Charles Darrow

-Clarence Darrow was born April 18, 1857 near Kinsman, Ohio, U.S.

- Lawyer Clarence Darrow moved to Chicago in 1887 and attempted to free the anarchists charged in the Haymarket Riot.

- In 1894, he defended Eugene V. Debs,arrested on federal charge arising from the Pullman Strike

- He also secured the acquittal of labor leader William D. Haywood for assassination charges, saved Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold from the death penalty and defended John T. Scopes

-Charles Darrow died March 13, 1938, Chicago, Illinois

Darrow defended several war protesters charged with violating state sedition laws

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