Trinity Lane Preschool Office News

December 2015

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Merry Christmas

December is meant to remind us to slow our pace and reflect on Jesus' first coming. But it's all too easy to get lost in the shuffle of all the holiday bustle. My wish for you this holiday season is that you are able to slow down and enjoy quality time with your kids. Start a family tradition of reading a special Christmas book or retelling the Christmas story. Play a board game, make cookies, go sledding or start a family prayer time. It’s these special moments your children will treasure forever, not the presents they open up on Christmas.

Christmas Program December 16 and 17

Our annual Christmas Program will be on Wednesday and Thursday, December 16th and 17th. It will start at 11:00am in the church sanctuary on the lower level. All family members are welcome to come. The 4s will participate on both program days. The 4s will tell the Christmas story and each class will sing a couple songs. After the program we'll have some treats and then all students are welcome to go home with family. We will officially start winter break after the Christmas program.

Christmas Store December 7-10

Our Christmas Store starts next week. If you haven't brought in your list of immediate family members and quarters, please do so by Monday/Tuesday. Presents will come home at the end of the week.

New Online Payment Option

You may now pay tuition by credit card or electronic withdrawal from your bank account at the link listed below. Or go to our website and press the blue "online payment" button on the home page.


Winter Weather Clothing-

Our 3s and 4s should be bringing coat, hat, gloves, boots and snow pants to school every day now. Our 3s and 4s go outside if it's 25 degrees or warmer with the wind chill. The 2s will go out if it's 35 degrees or warmer with the wind chill. What do we do when it's too cold or raining? The kids still have gross motor time in the "big room" as we call it. They shoot hoops, walk on balance beams, climb thru tunnels, etc. But we LOVE to go outside if at all possible.

Phone Numbers-

Has your cell phone or work numbers changed since filling out preschool paperwork last spring/summer? It's really important that we have current information to get a hold of parents or other family members in emergency situations or if a child is ill. Just send us a quick email with any updates and we'll change your paperwork. Thanks!


Class room snacks should contain two nut free food items from two different food groups (dairy/fruit/grain/protein). We serve water to drink with the food. Cookies and other items high in sugar or with no nutritional content do not count as a food item. As a general rule, if the item has more than 9grams of sugar per serving, it's probably too sweet to serve. Trust me, you can tell a difference in the classroom after a sugary snack :) Birthdays are an exception, but please bring a healthy food item with the birthday treat. We are working on a more extensive list of snack suggestions. In the meantime, if you need an idea for snack please talk to Miss Dawn or your teacher. Thanks for helping us stay healthy!

Upcoming Dates:

  • December 1 & 2: Music Class
  • December 7-10: Christmas Store
  • December 14 & 15: Library Story time
  • December 16 & 17: Christmas Program (11am)
  • December 18-Jan 3: Holiday Break