Welcome to Vietnam!

Travel Guide Edition!


Xin chau! Each year, tons and tons of people flood into Vietnam. But is it really worth all the fuss? Some people vow to never go back, but some would would go every year if they could...

Sports in Vietnam...

Vacation Spots...


In Vietnam, they have very strict drug laws. Somebody found with even a few grams of heroin, could be sentenced to death. Also, DO NOT blog about the Vietnamese government. Thats also against the law. Vietnam also has a legal marrying age. For women, the age is 18. For men, the age is 20.

Main Vietnamese Tradition!

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This is the Celebration of Tet or the Vietnamese New Year. So many people come to celebrate in Vietnam's capital Hanoi.

Vietnamese Religions...

Since Vietnam is one of the least religious countries in the world, there is one major religion. Since about 80% of all Vietnamese citizens practice no religion, Buddhism is the most major religion practiced there today. Buddhism has to do with ending suffering and that's when we will have peace in the world. There are a few other religions, but Buddhist is the most common.

Wedding Traditions

In Vietnam, on the day of the wedding or proposal, the groom comes to the brides' house and surprises her with many gifts. Including something called Bun Xu Xe or husband and wife cake. Its usually boxed with a box made of coconut leaves. The top of the box matches the bottom representing a perfect husband and wife match. The filling is made of mung beans, which is yellow and representing a golden heart. Very meaningful, right?
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Food in Vietnam

One of the most popular dishes is Pho Pho. Its basically a Vietnamese noddle soup served with beef. Another popular dish is called Bo Kho, which is a beef stew usually accompanied with a baguette. For a drink, get an interesting tea called Boba or Bubble Tea. Its chewy, gummy balls made of tapicoa. Its usually served in milk tea. For desert, get yourself some Che. Thats a desert made from sticky rice and bean. Very creative!


So, in conclusion. Do you think Vietnam is worth it? Would you travel to Vietnam? People have mixed opinions. I feel like Vietnam has a lot to offer. Awesome tradition. Really good food. Interesting religions. So, what do you think?!