Bryce and Reyanthony


An amobebas is jelly plastic sack that can change it shape. An anobebas has no mouth but could eat it by putting the cell membrane and cytoplasm around the food.Water is constantly moving into an Amoeba, and brings oxygen to survive. The amoeba expels excess water through a structure called contractile vacuole.
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Euglenas lived in either fresh or brackish water. They move by wriggle a whip like tail called flagellum(plural flagella). Euglenas has a chloroplast that make food through photosynthesis. They got red eyespot that detects light.
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Volvox are similar to euglenas in that they both have eye spot and flagella to move.All species of volvox produce their own food through photosynthesis.Volvox go into groups of 500 to 60,000 to form a ball shaped colonies.
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The outer cell wall paramecia are covered in cilia which are tiny hairlike projections. The oral groove leads to a gullet, were the food is placed in vacuoles and gradually digested. Paramecia reproduce asexually,but two indivial can link up to exchange genetic material in their micronuclei.
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