Science Page by Carter speights

Get to know Carter all about carter

an introduction to carter speights

Carter Speights is a very good baseball player and loves to play outside. He rides his bike everyday and Pokémon hunts with his friends. He is a 6th grade student at pioneer and loves to come to school everyday to learn and make new friends.

An introduction to science 6

Our science class takes place at period 6 with Mrs. Smith and Mr. Kim. First Mrs. Smith turnes on the music which tells us to upen up our binders and get ready. Then we do our journal questions. After the journal question we do prodjects in groups or alone. Then at the end of the period we pack up and take off to period 7.

What I loved the most.

The prodjects that I loved the most was the microscope unit. I loved it because we did many fun things like finding out were Mr. Shafer went to for his vacation. I loved it so much because I had never looked through a microscope before and I had always wanted to do it.