Highland Park Village

Where everything is awesome

About our village

Welcome to highland park village. Where we have lots of geometry, angles, area, and perimeter. First of all we have greenbrier and water way as parallel lines. As our perpendicular lines we have Mexican feast and water way. For our intersecting we have turtle creek and Colgate. For our angles we have obtuse, right, and acute. Our right angle is located by water way and Mexican feast. But wait , our obtose angle is located by Turtle Creek and Colgate. Our last angle is also located by Turtle Creek and Colgate. Next we have Lu Lu Lemon , a park , an Ice cream shop , Toco Diner , the big ball ,and a foten. The area is on top of Toco Diner. The area is 24 cm. The perimator is on the Big Ball. Some of our shapes are square , ractangle , pentagon , sphere , cyilnder , and cone. We have 6 car driving around in our town. Also we have 3 people hanging out. That's our city!

The builders

It took 2 builders names Ainsley and Sydney, 2 days to build this city.