World War 2

Pearl Harbor

Attack on Pearl Harbor

We didn't hear anything until the Japanese broke down the door. For 7 years the Japanese were trying to extend there power before Pearl Harbor. Japanese troops cheers as the Capital city of surrenders in December, 1937.

Before the attack on the Untied States bases in the pacific young Japanese men trained on there air forces. Many bombs hit the ships because the Japanese were a surprise to us. All seven ships were in a row. The names of the ships are Nevada, Arizona, Tennessee, West Virginia, Maryland, Oklahoma, and California. Planes arrived over Pearl Harbor at 7:55 am were ordered target the airfields. A handful of u.s. american's were able to get in there planes. At 9:45 the Japanese left the battle field.

The morning of December 7th, 1941 the Japanese launched a missile. The attack on pearl harbor made the u.s outrage. More than 2,400 american's died. 21 ships had been sunk'ed or damaged. More than 188 u.s. american's air crafts were damaged. The u.s declared war on Japan the following day.

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I put this one in because it shows what is happening to the ships in the back round of the image, and what is being blown up on the river like whats sinking in the water, and how bad the attack was.
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I put this one in because it shows what happened to the ships and what pear harbor looked like after the war a little bit and what the Japanese did to Pearl Harbor.