PE & Health Weekly Update

With Mr. Hall

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Mr. Hall PE/ Health Teacher (Long Term Substitute)

PE Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

In PE we've continued to work on our throwing and catching skills. We are focusing on keeping our arms open when catching, and clasping the ball with both of our hands and bringing it into our chest. We also continued our Battleship fun! This game is a hit! We've added hitting various objects with different kinds of racquets. After practicing hitting objects with racquets, we are then getting used to hitting objects over a net. This will eventually lead to Badminton.

PE Grades 3-6

In Grades 3-6 we transitioned away from Soccer (although they loved it). We've moved on to Spike Ball. Spike Ball involves round nets, and a ball. Teams of two play each other. The goal is to serve the ball on the net. The opposing team has 3 attempts to hit it back onto the net (much like volleyball). Also in grades 3-6 we are working on extending our workouts longer. Right now, 3rd & 4th grade is walking/ running for 7 minutes and 5th & 6th grades are walking/ running for 9 minutes. They are pushing themselves! I am an avid runner/ walker, so I'm impressing upon them the need to exercise for 30 minutes to increase the heart rate.
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In grades K-2 we've studied the correct way to wash hands and the effects of bullying. In grades 3-6 we've studied the effects of stress in daily life. We've studied peer pressure as it relates to influencing young people to participate in behaviors they'd normally not do. Ms. Desiree also gave them a lesson on CPR and the circulatory system.