PowerPoint Recording

Make the most of your presentations


Learning Objectives

As a participant, you will:

  • Add the Recording tab to their PowerPoint toolbar
  • Add audio narration to slides
  • Record a slide show with narration, thumbnail video, and inking
  • Export video

Success Criteria

At the end of the session,
  • I am able to add the Recording tab to my PowerPoint toolbar.
  • I am able to record voice narration, play it back, and edit the playback options.
  • I am able to record my slide show using my animations.
  • I am able to use the inking options to annotate my presentation.
  • I am able to export my presentation to a video file.
Bellwork: Video

Watch this video made with PowerPoint Recording

Task 1: Adding the Recording tab in PowerPoint 2016

· Go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon

· Change the Choose Commands from: to Main Tabs

· Select Recording and click Add … you will see it added to the column on the right

· Click OK

** You will have to do this on any computer on which you plan to use PowerPoint to create videos.

Task 2: Adding audio narration to slides

  • Go to the Recording tab and choose Audio
  • You can either upload existing audio or record your own narration.
  • If you choose Record Sound, you can narrate the content of your slide or whatever you would like to say on that slide.

o Hit the red record button to record your narration and the square stop button to stop.

o A sound icon will be added to your slide. You can move this around or size it.

o If you click on the sound icon, you can preview your recording.

o When you have the sound icon selected, you can also edit the playback options by clicking on the Playback tab at the top of the screen (Under “Audio Tools”)

Playback options:

  • You can trim your audio clip if you need to cut out something or set it to fade in or out.
  • You can set your audio to play automatically or when clicked or other options (“Hide During Show” will hide the sound icon)

Big picture

Task 3: Recording slide show with inking options

  • Go to the Recording tab and choose Record Slide Show
  • You can record from the start or on the current slide

**I suggest recording each slide separately. If you record it all together and then add something, the timings will be off.

  • Any animations you have built into the show will still work in the slide show recording.
  • You can ink on the slide as you record (this is super easy if you have a Mobi attached to your computer or if you are working on a tablet or touch screen laptop)
  • You can also move or turn off the thumbnail video that appears in the bottom corner.
  • If you mess up, you can clear the recording with the button at the top.
  • Hit ESC to go back to the presentation screen.

Task 4: Exporting your finished video

  • Once you finish and you’re ready to create your video, on the Recording tab, click Export to Video
  • Click Create Video
  • Choose where to save your video and name your video.
  • That’s it!!

Now you can use your video for flipped or blended learning lessons, station rotations, upload to Playposit and embed questions, or post them on your class webpage!

Other options to explore on your Recording Tab

Apps and Quizzes – These are interactive apps and simulations you can embed, but they do not work in video mode. But some of them are really cool to use in whole group instruction!

Screenshot – Take a screenshot to add to your slideshow

Screen Recording – Record what you are doing on your screen … great for computer tutorials and how-to videos (See this explained below.)

Video – Embed a video in your slideshow; this video will play automatically in your PPT video.

Save as Show – This saves the PPT in presentation mode. The file will open in presentation mode instead of edit mode.