From 200 million to 145 million years

How the Jurassic Period got its name

The Jurassic time period's name is from the Jura Mountains between France and Switerland where they first found rocks from this age.

Location and climate

At this time Pangaea was just starting and south America was just separating from south Africa. Also the warm and moist greenhouse climate or better known as a tropical climate. Lots of water gave it its humidity. There was no polar ice during the last two-thirds of the Jurassic period. There were vast flooded areas, temperate and subtropical forests, and coral reefs. The extensive water moderated the strong seasonality.

The start of mammals

Dinosaurs may have been the dominant land animals, but they were not alone. Early mammals were mostly very small herbivores or insectivores and were not in competition with the larger reptiles


  • Theropods became the largest meat-eaters ever to live on land during this period.
  • Also Jurassic Theropods were larger and more fearsome than their Triassic ancestors.
  • Early in the Jurassic Period, a group of small theropods gave rise to the first birds.


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