Feline Scabies

Hannah Shafer

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Feline scabies is a mange type of disease.


The technical name of Feline Scabies is Sarcoptes scaber.


Feline scabies is caused by mites that are light-colored and microscopic. These mites cause severe skin infections starting on the face and ears, and then spreading to the rest of the body.


It all depends on whether they are an indoor or outdoor cat, and if they around stray or infected cats.


Symptoms start with hair loss, and itching of the ears, which rapidly moves to the face and eyelids and neck.


To treat Feline scabies you need to clip all the long hairs and bathe the cat with a gentle cleansing shampoo.


Prevention's include keeping your cat away from stray or infected cats. Indoor cats are less likely to get this disease.