The horrifying Lobster

Joey Belcolle


“Clamp, Clamp”, that is the sound of the fascinating lobsters strong and armored claws. Lobsters are bizarre organisms that are very appealing. Let me fill you in on the lobsters strong armoured and colors, where in the gigantic world it is, and what the odd menu the creature has in the cold arctic waters. These are unique organism’s with horrifying claws.


Now you know what it is like to be a lobster. You have now learned about its strong armor and odd colors, Where in the world it is, and what is on their large menu. Lobsters are very strong and are very unique species.

Go Fish

For my fish tank I choose a sunken shipwreck theme. The fish i decided to purchase are, the crown tail betta, Green tetras, Carpenter's flasher wrasse, and a male Halfmoon king beta. I choose these type of fascinating fish because they looked cool and looked like it would be good in my fish tank. I also choose these fish, because they looked interesting and are very bright. In total i spent $208.59. I will need about 11 inches of water to support my interesting fish. I would love to have my own fish tank with this kind of cool theme. You should go to your fish store near you to make your dream fish tank.
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Male half moon king Betta


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My creature is the lobster!! #1 is a squid, #2 jellyfish, #3 sword fish, #4 coral, #5 clam, #6 *lobster, #7 seaweed, and #8 clown fish. This is my diorama hope you like it.

Word Wall

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Comic Strip

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