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CHEF T (Visoth Taruk Ouk)

Former Executive Chef at the Federal Bar in Long Beach. Owner of The Phoenix Den. Co-Founder of Chefs Off the Boat. Graduate of the Long Beach City College Culinary Arts Program.

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LBCC Hall of Champions Gymnasium

Friday, April 27th, 10am-3pm

3932 Faculty Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90808


The overall purpose of the 3rd Annual Long Beach Promise Leadership and Empowerment Summit, themed: “It takes a Village: Brotherhood, Manhood and Neighborhood”, is to develop a sense of Leadership, Community, and Culture of Empowerment among men of color. Through deliberate and intense dialogues, conversations with community mentors and culturally relevant workshops, participants will develop a better understanding of the significant purpose of increasing their levels of achievement (academic, personal, and professional), the importance of fostering healthy relationships and improving their overall development as change-agents in their lives and in the local and global societies, they are citizen of.

Who Should Attend?

The summit is for any young male from middle school to college. The summit is FREE for males, but registration is required.

What Should Attendees Wear?

Summit attire is business casual, which includes jeans or khakis, a dress shirt or polo shirt and a tie. NO hats, sandals, jerseys, or athletic clothes.


10:00 am - 10:50 am : Welcome and Speaker

11:00 am - 12:00 pm : Session 1 workshops

12:10 pm - 1:00 pm : Lunch

1:10 pm - 2:10 pm : Session 2 workshops

2:20 pm - 2:45 pm : Closing


"Did They Just Say That?"

A workshop designed to give you the tools to use your personal power to navigate negative situations.
Speaker: Dr. James Sauceda, CSULB Director of the Multicultural Center

"Man Up!"

A workshop that will look at the stereotypes and issues that surround men when it comes to showing emotions or having conversations about personal matters.
Speaker: Lui Amador, Director of Student Equity


A conversation about what it means and takes to be an athlete; how to succeed in school and how success is defined.
Moderators: Jimmie Flowers and Chris Wade
Speakers: Sports panel

"Let Me Tell You Something"

Conversations about what it means to be in a healthy relationship. How to determine when you’ve gone too far; defining what too far is; and the consequences of posting pictures and videos on social media.
Speaker: Deshawn Andrew

"Secure The Bag"

What does financial literacy look like? Conversations about credit, bank accounts, saving money and life.
Speaker: Jermaine Harris

"I'm a Classic Man"

Students will learn the tools needed to dress for success. You can dress appropriately and professionally while still maintaining a "saucy" style.
Speaker: Duke Givens

"Orange is Not My Black"

A conversation covering topics, such as Escaping Your Reality; Did you know Prison is a Business?; Making The Right Decisions vs a Lot Of Decisions; and Being The Change That You Want To See.
Speaker: Brian E. Sibley

"Flexing for the Gram"

A discussion about your digital footprint. How posts on social media can ruin your opportunities and learning how to become a digital citizen.
Moderator: Shamika Simpson
Speaker: Zoila Rosillo

"Changing the Game"

A look at entrepreneurship and careers in non-traditional fields of work.
Moderator: Nevon Watson
Speakers: Aaron Blackburn, Luis Navarro, Bob Blake, and Byron Simpson

"The Black Panther and the Super Hero in Me"

Speakers: Dr. Lance Robert & 100 Black Men of Long Beach

Closing speaker

Ramsey Jay Jr.

"Mr. Jay is widely recognized expert on leadership development, communication consultant, executive leadership coach, and an international motivational speaker, driven by his mission to “Empower Dreamers to Become Achievers”, the title of his recently released book. His 3P’s methodology, (Possible, Probable, Predictable) emphasizes ‘process mastery’ and has provided the pragmatic framework enabling others to achieve academic, professional and civic-centered success."

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with Special Guest

James Davis

James Davis was born in Los Angeles, CA. He is a stand up comedian, actor and creator, writer & producer of the TV series Hood Adjacent with James Davis. James has also written for BET and House Husbands of Hollywood.