Reading Rules!

October 5th-9th

This week in Reading...

This week our genre was literary nonfiction. We started by read A fox and a Kit as a whole group. We talked about what made the story literary nonfiction and what the main idea of the story was. We also talked about how the details in the story supported the main idea.

During reading groups, we focused on reading nonfiction books. We did comprehension activities as well as an independent assignment on main idea and details.

Our phonics skill this week was plurals /z/ and sight words. Students did many in class activities to reinforce this skill.

Students learned about what a declarative sentence was and we practiced as a whole group.

In writing workshop we learned about what personal narratives were. We then brainstormed our ideas and now are in the editing portion of the process. Next week we will be working on our final drafts.

Finally, we finished our Educreations on character traits. On Monday, students worked in pairs. They had to choose between the big blue ox or the pig in the wig. Next they used educreations to draw and label a picture. Finally, they spoke about the characters traits. Please see below to view your child's work.

You can view your child's work on my big board in the hallway (its the board closest to the bathroom)

Next week, we will not have reading groups Monday (school closed) or Tuesday (Liberty Bell trip). Therefore, we will be reviewing the skills we have learned so far.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Garritt

Sorry Odiase!! (your name was spelled wrong :( )