Be the Buyer Recap

Nov WK1: 11/2 - 11/10

November Category Breakdown:

We are currently booked through Wednesday, November 13th. If you have samples you would like to launch this week, please pass them off to me by EOD Thursday, 11/14!

November TOTAL (through 11/13): 29
Dresses: 25
TBO: 2
NA: 0

Top Voted This Past Week

Sales to Votes Correlation Analysis

Post-launch Sales Velocity for Picked BTB Products
BTB Picked products that launched during this timeframe: 10/11/2013 - 11/11/2013

Launched BTB Products

Additional Updates:

BTB Exclusivity

  • We will begin rolling out the updated Exclusivity Contract for all products going through the program this week
  • As it stands now, exclusivity will be shortened to fall within a 1-3 month time frame as discussed with your vendors
  • More information on this to come!

If you have any questions regarding information provided in this recap, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time!