Puma Periodical

May 2nd - May 13th

Upcoming Dates

Parents, as a reminder, the most up-to-date information on assessments, homework, and due dates can all be found HERE on our Puma HW page.

We update this every day. Please utilize it frequently. Thank you!

  • Math: Unit 13 Test, then EOG review Friday, May 6th-- there will be a 10 point review quiz following the review of each unit

  • Science: We have started a new unit called Space Invaders. We are conducting a Space Exploration Project that will be due on May 13th. On May 6th students will have an in class project workday (BYOD) where they can research their space exploration topic and begin creating their product. We will have a quiz on the earth, moon, and sun’s interactions resulting in seasons, moon phases, eclipses and tides on May 9th.

  • LA: Claws just finished Unit 4 and will be moving in Unit 5 today. They will be reading Folk Literature from around the world in Lit Circles. Paws are finishing their narratives on their Everest and finishing up Peak. For EOG prep students will be signing up for Actively Learn to read and annotate articles online.

  • S.S: Quiz on S. Asia next Tuesday, May 3rd. We will be progressing into Ancient China later next week

Looking Ahead

  • Tentatively the EOGs have been scheduled for May 31st and June 1st, with make-up dates the rest of the week. We will keep you updated if those dates change. Please plan accordingly.
  • Parents will also receive an invitation to our final end of the year awards ceremony in the gym on June 8th at 12:00 (this is still a tentative time/date). Please be on the lookout for that invitation in your inbox in the coming weeks.

Final 30 Days!

We are in the final 30 days of school, and we are beginning to see some old behaviors and forgetfulness from the beginning of the year creep back up. Please encourage your student to continue to show their SPOTS even into the final days of the school year! Thank you!

Congratulations! - Ryan and Amy

Congratulations to this month's SPOTS character trait winners for showing RESPONSIBILITY in the month of April. Way to go Amy Cherian and Ryan James!