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water frame


The idea was patented by ricahrd akwright, the design was a improvment of the james hargreaves design.
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Arkwright came up with a design that would produce stronger yarn by drawing the cotton fibers apart further and more evenly.
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when was it invented?

The water frame was invented in England by Richard Arkwright and was patented in 1769.

At that time, James Hargreaves's spinning jenny was enjoying great success. However, the spinning jenny simply mechanized the actions of a hand-turned spinning wheel; it could not improve upon the actual quality of yarn produced.

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The design was in england.
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perfected a water-powered spinner. In looms, cotton yarn could be used as weft, but was not strong enough to serve as warp. in most cases, stronger threads of linen were used for this purpose. Arkwright's water frame produced the first yarn suitable for use as both warp and weft. For the first time in England, all-cotton materials could be woven.
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