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January 4-8

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Jon Gordon - Know Your Why

Avengers: Age of Degan--No Excuses!

Welcome Back! I am so excited to see all of you tomorrow as we welcome in 2016! It has been so exciting to see all the things that our students are already accomplishing this year! I know 2016 is going to bring an amazing culmination!

I hope you will take a minute to view the Jon Gordon video. It is only about a minute and a half. It talks about the power of knowing your why. I was a little disheartened these past few days as I saw some former colleagues posting cartoons and various comments on FB about how they were dreading going back to school. It broke my heart for the children in those classes. All I could think was "Really? If that is the vision you are putting in your mind, there is no way I would want my child in your class." That kind of vision sets you up for failure, and more importantly, students:. Let's face it, none of us is paid nearly enough for the job we do. We all put way more in every day than the paycheck we receive. However, if we can always remember "WHY" each day will return more than one could ever hope.

The link below is a great source for teachers with a growth mindset. One of the ideas on here is to attend an "unconference", and we will experience a little bit of that on Monday! Please note the agenda for the day below. Dress tomorrow is comfortable/casual.

Also below is a short video from Kindergarteners talking about their emotions and the power of breathing. Very insightful and reminded me of so many of our students. I think the power of words to explain your feelings and understand what is happening and how to overcome is huge.

Please also make sure you read my proposal for continued jeans on Thursday.

I have had a wonderful, relaxing break. I have watched hours of movies, played hundreds of hands of cards, eaten more than I should have and soaked up precious time with my guys. I hope you have done whatever it is that you do to fill your cup and have renewed excitement in your return to work. I am so ready to spend time with you! We have a great 2016 ahead!


DeganCamp Professional Learning Day Agenda

8:00 Welcome Back! In your seat ready to go!

8:00-8:30 DeganCamp Prep

Please make sure you have reviewed the EdCamp Materials

8:30-10:00 RtI

10:00-10:10 Break

10:15-10:50 Round 1


10:55-11:30 Round 2


11:35-12:10 Round 3

12:10-12:30 Reflection (Library)

12:30-1:00 LUNCH (Selarno's is being catered-Cafeteria)

1:00-3:30 Team Collaboration

This is Team Time. Focus on:

  • How to Make the most of your most powerful minutes in learning:

Are we intentionally planning these minutes?

  • Meaningful Integration of Technology
  • Brainstorm Solutions for "Repeat Offenders" on the No Grow List we have discussed in PLCs
  • Brainstorm interventions for your grade levels' Tier III Behavior Students
  • Small group instruction planning
This could be planning effective use of leveled readers and Istation Lessons or Math Station resources, etc.
  • Intentional Spelling Instruction (Norma's Resources)
  • Writing Initiative (Team Scoring/Planning)

Students Services and SPED (Inclusion/Resource)

  • Effective Lessons for EAGLE Time


  • I have invited Vickery (ALS) and Parkway (COMM) but I am not sure if they are coming.


  • You will be with Kyle in the Library immediately following lunch and then move back with your teams


  • Collaborate together to discuss Club Lessons. (Meaningful beginning/ending minutes, integration of technology, D&C, and College and Career Readiness)
  • Brainstorm Tier III Behavior Solutions
  • Initial Planning for Challenge/Field Days

Office Staff

  • Office Meeting and Planning

3:30-4:00 Wrap Up (Library)

"Just Breathe" by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman (Wavecrest Films)
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Jeans on Thursday?

Last August, the staff was able to earn jeans on Thursday through December by having 100% participation and increasing our previous contribution.

As the calendar turned the year from December to January, that time has passed. BUT WAIT! I have a proposition. While college shirts can certainly be worn slacks and skirts, I know that there is something special about being able to wear jeans with them on Thursday. Jeans are not employee dress code other than on Friday with spirit wear or on special occasions. For $20, you can secure your ability to wear jeans on Thursday from January through the end of the year. That's just $1 per Thursday!

Monies collected will go toward Degan's Fall Semester NEU Charity Contribution. This year's charity is Together We Rise Please turn in your money to Chandra by Wednesday, January 6th if you choose to participate.

If you choose not to participate, that is fine. Just remember that we still wear college shirts because of the importance of messaging and marketing with our students. Just choose slacks or a skirt!

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Week at a Glance

January 4th- Campus Professional Learning Day

January 5th-Students Return!

Baby Shower for Samantha Bradley

January 6th-Staff Meeting

Sonic Fundraiser Night

January 7th-Think College Thursday

Advisory Council

January 8th-Club Friday 5th/Kinder

On Deck:

Central Zone Principal PLC

Writing Initiative Day for 4th

Staff Meeting

Think College Thursday

Design Team

Early Release Day/End of 2nd Nine Weeks/Semester

School Holiday

Raising Cane's Fundraiser

Take Flight/SOAR Numbers due


Think College Thursday 4th/2nd

Report Cards and SOAR Invitations go home


Family Night

Staff Meeting

Think College Thursday

Data Meeting During Conference

Design Team

Club Friday 3rd/1st and SOAR Initiation

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college. When schools exhibit a culture of universal achievement by believing in students, they collaborate around that belief. During collaboration, they align their standards as a team. As teams align standards, they need to assess the standards and manage the data. Then, and only then, can they pursue meaningful interventions with their students.