Social Commentary

Hallie Baier

What is Social Commentary?

Social commentary is using verbal actions or presentations to comment and or explain issues in a society. It us usually done by appealing to people's sense of justice and promoting change by informing the populace.

Why is Social Commentary important?

Social commentary is important because it allows many people to talk about or give their opinions about issues in a society. Without social commentary people wouldn't express how they feel about important topics in a society, therefore the things needed to help the issues would not be solved in the best way possible. Social commentary allows many people to express many different opinions allowing people to find the best solution.
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Current example of Social Commentary

Black Oscars. This is a current example of social commentary because the African American culture was boycotting the Oscars because they thought it was racially interfered with the nominees. Some African American celebrities decided to hold their own "Black Oscars" and speak about how they feel with little to no black people being nominated and how they need to fix that problem.

Huckleberry Finn example of social commentary

An example of social commentary in Huckleberry Finn is how the law system is flawed and allows Huck to go back to his father, even though his dad has abused him verbally and physically. The book makes you infer that the author is trying to tell you something is wrong with the court system for them to allow Huck's dad, custody of him.