Rational and Irrational Numbers

Mr. Crosby's Class

Rational Numbers

  • In mathematics, a rational number is any number that can be expressed as the quotient or fraction p/q of two integers, p and q, with the denominator q not equal to zero. Since q may be equal to 1, every integer is a rational number.

  • Types of Rational Numbers:

    • Whole Numbers

    • Fractions

    • Terminating Decimals

    • Repeating Decimals

    • Mixed Numbers

    • Perfect Squares Roots and Cube Roots

Irrational Numbers

  • In mathematics, an irrational number is any real number that cannot be expressed as a ratio of integers. Irrational numbers cannot be represented as terminating or repeating decimals.

  • Types of Irrational Numbers

    • Non-Terminating Decimals

      • Pi

      • Non-Perfect Square Roots and Cube Roots

      • A decimal that does not end

        • i.e. 4.2354713…….