A Small Town Girl With Big Dreams

A career vision statement by Abby Pawlowski

The Future Is Always Beginning Now

To get started on my future, I decided to take a class that would help me decide which career is best for me. In only about two weeks, Care 102 throughout Ferris State University, has really taught me a lot. I've learned the importance of putting my strenghts and skills together, and do something I'd really enjoy.

Dream Big

My plan is to move to Paris, and attend a fashion school, to become either a fashion model, or fashion designer. If I don't move there yet, I'd go to a closer college. Travelling around the world and learning about the different cultures really interests me and it would be fun to do that as a living. As a model, travelling around everywhere is a part of the career. I want to live the life I've dreamed for.

Set goals

My goal's are to be a successful person, and not have a typical lifestyle. I want to go to college, but I'm unsure where yet. After college, I'd leave home and start my own life away from everyone I know. I would like to go into Arts and Communications.
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My Results

In week one of Care 102, I took a personality quiz and got "INFJ". Being in the "INFJ" I was told that I do good in intellectual work, I care for other people, and have creativity. I thought it fit very well for the career I'd like to go in. According to the Inner Hero quiz in week one also, I got "Helper". Being helpful is something that could come in handy at any time, and really thought that fit me well. In another assessment I took, I fit into the "S" and "A" categories. Being in those categories means that Human Services and Arts and Communications would fit my traits the best. I wasn't thrilled seeing Human Services, but I enjoyed seeing Arts and Communications. Being a fashion designer or model, is in the Arts. Receiving all these results will benefit me in the future because it gives me confidence that I am able to accomplish and pursue what I want. I think my results will help guide me to achieving my goals/