Craft products

Made in Vietnam Product

Craft products

Vietnam's handicraft trades which have their precious tradition. That tradition is associated with the name of the village, the city of trades and are denoted by the traditional craft products, with the unique, sophisticated, United States of America.

Handicraft products has a separate and unique definition, the name of the product is always accompanied by the name of the village make it; famous products also make references to create the same product.

Many trades and traditional villages have emerged in Vietnam's history. There are not only focus one or more craft, become a major production center or quite large, but also where the workman and artisan expertise, create the products with own identity, another hard surface.

The handicraft products that not only are these normal items daily, but some is also the art of social cultural background, level of economic development, levels of AFP, the characteristics of the nation. That is also why handicraft has become one of the most famous Made in Vietnam Product which is loved my many foreigners

Village is both a cultural environment-socio-economic and technological tradition. It retains the essence of art and technology passed to another life, cast in the generation of talented artisans, with the product of his own identity, but unique and typical of the Vietnamese nation. The cultural environment of village is village setting, with trees, Ben waters, temples, temples ..., festive activities and active guilds, customs, folklore and vibrant lifestyle contains a deep humanism. Traditional villages had long enriching cultural tradition.

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