Intoxicated Driver Kills Two

1 Badly Injuryed But Driver Lives


Before the crash had happen The boys were coming from a party,The driver Daniel Brennan was drunk and so were the rest in the car but one Fin. Daniel Brennan starts a fight at the party. Daniel is drunk and his anger by all cause him to accuse his cousin Fin, of trying to steal his girlfriend. Fin, is younger than Daniel and has lived in Daniel's shadow yet worshiped and trusted him all his life.


During the party Daniel Brennan got into a little argument/smash with one of his best mates Fin he also got dumped and had a argument with Tom so you could imagine how mad he would've been.


At around 12:00 the party had be over and everybody was returning home and Tom was to mad to drive so he decided to walk home but Matt and Snorter ended up picking him up. But Daniel was drunk and mad but he still decide to drive his friends and his cousin Fin.That night, they are involved in a car accident. Fin suffers irreversible spinal injuries. The other two passengers, teenagers from their town, are killed.