Tiger Talk

Volume LIV, No. 1 October 2018

What's Up With The Central Boys' Soccer Team?

By Zachary Anderson

The Central boys' soccer team is currently being coached by Mr. Lisbona. The team consists of 21 players including: Zachary Anderson (#13), Mead Briggs (#11), Gavin Eggers (#19), Ryan Higgins (#1), Nick Horvot (#10), Mossimo Infante-Meehan (#17), Alex Kotar (#6), Steven Lisbona (#28), Byron McCann (#4), Riley McCann (Co-Captain, #18), JP Mendes (Co-Captain, #7), Nick Mendes (#4), Mason Moran (#14), Kyle Navarro (#21), Marco Pincay (#9), Satvik Repaka (#3), James Roche (#22), Logan Schuler (#16), Nick Seyda (Captain, #23), Taithn Stanard (#18), and Shane Sternesky (Co-Captain, #2). The team’s record for the season as of October 10th is 3 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie. Mossimo, the goalkeeper, has an astonishing 21 saves. Alex Kotar, a 7th grader, is the team’s top goal scorer with 7 goals so far. Mr. Lisbona thinks that the boys soccer team is playing well and that they have a legitimate shot at making some “noise” in the Morris County Tournament starting October 25th.

Central Gets New Lockers

By Tom Osmond

In September, students of Central Middle School walked into school to find brand new lockers. These new lockers are a lot wider than the previous lockers for more books, but the previous lockers were deeper. The new lockers are also “dumb-lock” resistant. If you are new to the school, dumb locking was when people put your lock on backwards so it would be hard to unlock it to get your books out again. Now that the locks are attached to the lockers, they cannot be put on backwards. Another issue with the previous lockers was that many people were getting ants. Most people agreed that the old lockers were falling apart and needed to be replaced. The new lockers are going to take some getting used to, but they really make the halls look a lot nicer and brighter.

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Central Girls' Soccer

By Sofia Squizziato

This year’s Central Girls’ Soccer Team consists of 14 girls: Hope Anastario, Chloe Apuzzo, Nikki Coleman, Lily Definizio, Emily Eggers, Sophia Ehlert, Claudia Ferreira, Sophia Fish, Ava Haddican, Alexis Perez, Reagan Salvo, Linda Sarni, Nicole Smargiassi, and Sofia Squizziato. They are led by the one and only, Mr. Hockmeyer, who has helped them start the season with a great record of 3-1. Their first game they won 2-1 against Greenbrook, both goals scored by Claudia. The following game, they won 7-1 against Oak Knoll, four goals scored by Claudia, and the other three by Nicole, Lily, and Ava. Their third game was against Pingry, in which they won 4-1, with Claudia and Ava each scoring two goals. Sadly, their most recent game was lost 3-0 against Greenbrook, but Emily Eggers had some great saves. They are now getting better, awaiting their rematch. Keep up the good work girls!

The Beginning of Halloween Traditions

By Clara Ma

The time of year where we go door to door for candy and dress up in costumes is back! Halloween is filled with superstitions and traditions that developed throughout its years of celebration. First, choosing a Halloween costume is hard now with such a large variety, but the Celts from thousands of years ago only had one option: dressing as spirits. The Celts believed that ghosts of the dead came back to earth on the day before their new year on November 1st. The Celts dressed up as saints, angels, and devils so the real ghosts would mistake them as one of their own. Additionally, trick-or-treating is another popular Halloween tradition where children dress in costumes and go door-to-door asking for candy. This originated from the All Soul’s Day parades in England, where the poor would promise to pray for a family’s dead relatives. In return, families gave poor citizens food. Another Halloween belief is bad luck will come if you encounter a black cat. This idea formed during the Middle Ages, because witches were thought to be the dark felines in disguise. Halloween’s original customs developed into our modern-day traditions of costumes and trick-or-treat that many people seem to enjoy.